The training on B2B sales constitutes an individually designed program aligned with the business specificities of the organization.

  • Analysis of the market and the competition
  • Matrix of priorities and finding a sweet spot
  • Sending clear and targeted messages
  • Focus on the competitive advantages of the business
  • Understanding the customer buying process
  • Clarity about the customer’s key pain points
  • First impressions and cold contacts

Goal of the Training

The goal of the training on B2B sales is not just the presentation of the product or the service but the effect that they have on the customer. The end benefit is a key factor in the decision-making process. In this type of relationships, we do not talk about a purchase but rather about productive and long-term relationships.

These relationships are mainly achieved through persistence as well as creativity. It is necessary to take into consideration the specificities of the business that we are “selling” to – activity, scale, characteristics, requirements, etc.

A fundamental principle in our concept is to conduct a preliminary in-depth inquiry into the business and the organization’s structure. The duration of each topic can vary in accordance with the client’s needs. The training sessions take place at venues and times that fit the nature of the business and our clients’ requirements.