The concept of the Internal Customers training lies in the perception of colleagues as internal customers and the natural interdependence among them.

  • Approach, attitude towards and way of treating colleagues and partners
  • Gaining insight and interchangeability
  • Achieving synergy in a team
  • “Self Selling” skills
  • Stress management in a work environment

The concept of perceiving people not only as colleagues but also as internal customers is becoming more and more imperative in the contemporary corporate reality. Collegiality, interchangeability and mutual assistance are becoming alternativeless for a team targeting success.

Goal of the Training

The goal of the Internal Customers Training is to demonstrate the benefits of stepping into the other one’s shoes, gaining insight into their responsibilities and understanding the other one’s perspective. The individual’s growth leads to the team’s enhancement and, henceforth, to the ultimate success.

A fundamental principle in our concept is to conduct a preliminary in-depth inquiry into the business and the organization’s structure in order to take into consideration all the specificities.

The duration of each topic can vary in accordance with the client’s needs. The training sessions take place at venues and times that fit the nature of the business and our clients’ requirements.

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