The way in which we approach 5S projects and trainings is based on a single introduction and long-term maintenance.

Looking at 5S, we aim at answering three questions: what actually this system is; how it is designed; and, why it is so necessary.

We focus on the three questions while getting into the details and through a diagnostics of the organization with regard to production lines. The format of examining the order and cleanliness of the workplace involves interactive work meetings during which every participant has the goal to substantiate (not just state) his/her opinion and after that, through our influence, set rules.

We pay close attention to every single component of 5S:

  • Sorting
  • Setting in order
  • Shining
  • Standardizing
  • Self-discipline

We take charge of measuring the productivity and efficiency before and after the work meetings that have taken place. We have no doubts that people know best what kind of order would be the most appropriate one at their workplace – we, in turn, stimulate them to think and make a decision.

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