A sequence of modules looking not only at management but also at the holistic lean mentality in production.

We focus not just on lean management but on the holistic mentality in the production organization. In today’s harsh reality in terms of competition, process optimization has no alternatives.

We emphasize the main principles in production and, through applying them, we turn them not only into knowledge but also into skills for the participants in the project.

  • Production meeting the customer’s needs
  • Preventive rather than corrective measures – an emphasis on the rate and cause of faults rather than on the consequences ensuing from them
  • Minimizing losses and balancing between time, quality and value
  • Continual improvement processes
  • Flexibility but not at the expense of efficiency
  • Establishing productive and long-term relationships with colleagues, providers and partners and the concept of perceiving them as internal customers

A fundamental part of our concept is conducting a detailed inquiry into the enterprise and the organization’s structure in order to get a grasp of all the specificities.

The Lean Management training is carried out in a series of a certain number of consecutive modules in accordance with the preliminary diagnostics, with the emphasis being on the practical aspect.

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