A module presenting a way of leading team meetings and managing the dynamics of encouraging efficiency and motivation in people

  • Formal and informal communication in a work environment
  • Pros and cons of the different management attitudes
  • Control of information through personal participation in sharing it
  • Engaging team members in decision-making
  • Directing individual efforts towards achieving team goals
  • Frequency of formal meetings
  • Structure and focus of the meetings
  • Individual and group meetings

Appointments, briefing sessions and team meetings are often associated (not without a reason) with waste of time and unnecessary anxiety. Very often, the team meetings turn into diluted discussions which lack focus and, what’s more, do not contribute to the end result.

The way in which a team meeting runs is indicative not only of the efficiency of the team itself but also of its manager. Leading structured team meetings results in a higher concentration and synergy in the team. We at IBTrainings focus on the details which positively affect the final presentation and, therefore, the company’s productivity.

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