The module targets the personal realization of priorities and their completion, in accordance with the position and the corporate strategy.

  • Prioritizing skills
  • Principles and steps in time management
  • Matrix of time management
  • Time management tools and benefits
  • Mistakes and ways to succeed in time management

The Time Management training does not have the goal of imperatively generalizing what has to be done first, second, etc. and what should not be done. Rather, we stimulate and encourage everybody to formulate his/her values and arrange his/her priorities.

Goal of the Training

The main emphasis is for the participants in the module to get to know themselves, manage the actions that are under their control, and manage their reactions to the actions that are not under their control. In addition, the training provides an in-depth look at and analysis of the productive and unproductive time and the distribution of tasks between them.

A fundamental part of our concept is exploring in detail the business and the structure of the organization in advance so that all the specificities can be taken into consideration.

The duration of every topic is in accordance with the client’s needs. The trainings take place at a venue and time that fit the nature of the business and our clients’ requirements.

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