Advanced Sales Skills is a natural continuation in the development of sales experts who have demonstrated a growing potential and results.

  • Negotiation strategies
  • Communicating and dealing with “difficult customers”
  • Managing and benefitting from conflicts – transforming the fault into an effect
  •  Specificities of the sales and applying unconventional approaches
  • A model of transferring enthusiasm from the salesperson to the client
  • Differences between an average salesperson and a successful one

Concept of the Module

The module targets experienced and senior salespeople with who have demonstrated their potential and desire to upgrade their skills. The goal is not to answer the question of why we need sales skills but rather the question of how we can be more efficient at selling.

The focus is on getting to know the client’s typology and his/her business in advance, prior to negotiations. After that, a negotiation plan with major points should be outlined (BATNA, MLATNA, and WATNA).

With the objective of applying the knowledge from the trainings and its transformation into skills, we recommend that the Business coaching take place in the form of joint work sessions after the respective module:

  • Assessment of competencies that have been selected and formulated in advance;
  • Examining and analyzing the employee’s behavior;
  • Understanding motivational and demotivational factors;
  • Providing feedback with regard to behavior and results;
  • Providing recommendations related to deficits in communication, behavior, and work style;
  • Preparing a psychological portrait and monitoring the progress of different components;
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