• План на действие
  • Установяване профили на потенциални клиенти и процес по набелязване
  • Поставяне на цели и психологическа настройка
  • Техники за водене на телефонни разговори с цел реализиране на продажби и/или уговаряне на среща
  • 1-ва среща – Установяване и/или стимулиране на нужди
  • 2-ра среща – Предоставяне на решение и финализиране на продажба
  • Фундаменти на след-продажбеното обслужване и стимулиране на препоръки

The module provides knowledge and skills, while the follow-up sessions combined with demonstrations and observations turn them into habits.

  • Action plan
  • Determining/Outlining profiles of potential clients and a mapping process
  • Goal setting and psychological setting
  • Strategies for having phone conversations with the objective of selling and/or setting up appointments
  • First meeting – Determining and/or stimulating needs
  • Second meeting – Providing solutions and finalizing the sale
  • Foundations of after-sales services and encouraging recommendations

About the Training

Selling goods and services can be a major challenge for every salesperson since, as in any other business, the need to find new markets and clients is big.

Our experience shows that the best way to develop a successful strategy is to use tactics that take into consideration our clients and markets. This, however, can only happen when we understand well the differences between goods and services. The differences are enormous and so are the attitudes and approaches of the salespeople themselves.

The training module is extremely practical with a lot of interaction, role plays, case studies, and exercises. The focus is on building and developing knowledge that can be transformed into skills and, then, into habits.

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