The module is based on the concept that the constant component needed for every organization’s success is change and adaptation.

  • Organizational resistance to change
  • Sharing the big picture
  • Emotional reactions to change
  • Sharing responsibility
  • Motivating employees through structures, processes and positions
  • Change as a driving force of the new organizational culture
  • Responding to colleagues’ personal concerns
  • Presenting the team to new leaders in the context of change
  • Model of implementing the organizational change
  • Ensuring the support of key colleagues and partners in the organization

Goal of the Training

When a change is introduced in the organization, this eventually affects to various degrees the following components:

  • Processes
  • Systems
  • Organizational structure
  • Roles in the team

Although there are numerous approaches and tools that can be used for optimization of the organization, they all need in the end corrections in some of the components of the organization, which are mentioned above. Change, in turn, usually leads to a reaction to specific problems or possibilities that the company faces and that are caused by internal and external factors.

As long as the idea “to become more competitive” or “closer to the customer” or “more efficient” can be motivation for change, at a certain moment these goals have to transform into specific effects over the processes, systems, organizational structures or the roles at work. This is why change is inevitable.

A fundamental principle in our concept is to conduct a preliminary in-depth inquiry into the business and the organization’s structure so that all the specifics can be taken into consideration.

The duration of each topic can vary in accordance with the client’s needs. The training sessions take place at venues and times that fit the nature of the business and our clients’ requirements.

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