The “Effective Trade Negotiations” training aims at helping the trainees adopt approaches to make a larger impact as well as assisting them with acquiring skills needed to protect their interests.

  • Preparing for negotiations
  • The negotiation process itself
  • Finalizing the deal
  • Honing the trading skills
  • Entering the company’s culture and first contacts with customers and providers
  • Identifying and solving problems at closing trade deals

About the Training

The “Effective trade negotiations” training can target two different groups:

  • Traders – actively involved in searching for and serving customers
  • Employees and managers at various levels in the hierarchy who have to negotiate with internal customers on a daily basis

The module presents strategies to impact and protect against external influences. The focus is on achieving a desired result on the basis of establishing proper relationships in advance.

We, at IBTrainings, do not believe in standard approaches and, hence, get a preliminary insight into the enterprise. We take into consideration the specific goals and link the training to the team’s strategy.

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