Modules that look at giving feedback as one of the most effective modern methods of motivation and engagement in a team.

  • Essence and meaning of providing feedback
  • Styles and ways of providing feedback
  • Receiving feedback
  • Differences between feedback and constructive feedback
  • Re-enforcing feedback
  • Redirecting feedback
  • Reasons for bad feedback and its consequences

According to statistics:

  • Staff turnover decreases by around 14% if companies encourage feedback among colleagues
  • When there is no feedback from the direct manager and colleagues, the probability for an engaged employee to become disengaged is over 50%
  • Around 65% of employees claim that they want to receive feedback
  • Around 58% of managers think that they give enough feedback

These statistics show that there is something wrong with the way of providing feedback. Only a few people prefer to give negative feedback; on the other hand, a lot of people want to receive such feedback.

We from IBTrainings explain our way of providing feedback (positive and negative) and present its components. We encourage establishing clear and constructive professional relationships, which will be the basis of achieving and exceeding team results.

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