Stepping into the Customer’s Shoes is a training presenting the sales process and the after-sales service from the customer’s perspective.

  • The customer’s expectations
  • Mood stages before, during and after the sale
  • Components affecting the customer
  • Differences between desire and need and ways to fulfil them
  • Trading approaches in accordance with the customer’s level of competence

About the Training

Stepping into the Customer’s Shoes is a module providing the customer’s point of view during the sales service process – from the impulse to buy to the after-sales activities.

The holistic customer’s experience and the ways in which customers perceive the salesperson’s actions and attitudes are examined. We focus on that which, if improved in the trading approach, will actually have a positive and lasting effect on the customer’s habits.

The content and way of conducting the modules are not standard but are prepared in accordance with the nature of the activity. That is the reason why a detailed business diagnostics is performed in advance.

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