The training focuses on the type of attitude and approach needed for successful phone sales, both of services and products.

  • Clear understanding of customers’ expectations
  • Increasing the number of “apostles” among customers
  • Planning for personal success in sales
  • Calculating a personal formula for success
  • Turning the pre-set sales targets into specific personal action plan
  • Inciting a desire to achieve sales results
  • Strategies to boost personal impact over the phone
  • Emotional intelligence and psychological resilience
  • When the script helps and when problems emerge

About the Training

Nowadays, the importance of phone conversations is continually growing. The lack of time and the increasingly dynamic lives of people, including customers, are the reason why there are not alternatives to excellent phone sales skills.

In the Phone Sales training, we emphasize the strategies for controlling phone conversations, the successful transition from the initial contact to finalizing, and the speed of thought.

Since we firmly believe that individual businesses require individual approaches, a fundamental part of the training is the preliminary diagnostics and listening to selected conversations.

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