The essence of the module is in looking at the sales phases, the interrelations between them, and the appropriate sequence in terms of business.

  • Types of clients
  • The client’s psychology and expectations
  • Approach and attitude for success in sales
  • Cycle of the sale: planning, preparation, processing, and monitoring
  • Relationship between sales services and after-sales services
  • Competences of the successful salesperson
  • Strategies for finalizing sales

About the Training

The Sales Process training is a map with instructions through which the whole process should go. The difference between the average salesperson and the successful one is that the average on goes through it in a chaotic way, whereas the successful one follows the phases one by one.

The goal is to present the framework of the sales process. After that, we will formulate the individual way of going through the process with every participant, which will be based on their specific strengths and weaknesses.

With the objective of applying the knowledge from the trainings and its transformation into skills, we recommend that the Business coaching take place in the form of joint work sessions after the respective module:

  • Assessment of competencies that have been selected and formulated in advance;
  • Examining and analyzing the employee’s behavior;
  • Understanding motivational and demotivational factors;
  • Providing feedback with regard to behavior and results;
  • Providing recommendations related to deficits in communication, behavior, and work style;
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