The training covers the model of the 8 disciplines and its application in problem solving as well as a focus on clients.

Focus of the training

The 8D training covers the model of the eight disciplines and its application in problem solving. The 8D training reveals the approach used by quality assurance engineers for detecting, solving and eliminating recurring problems as part of product and process improvement.

After completing the training, the participants are able to: define what 8D is; demonstrate and apply the problem solving process; illustrate the 8D process using a diagram; analyze the main reasons and the 5 whys; apply the eight disciplines to problem solving; follow the 8D steps; use the 8D check list and good practices.

The trainings combine practical and theoretical aspects in ratio of 7:3.

Topics of the Training

Module 1: Introduction to 8D and focus on the client

Description of the 8D problem solving methodology    

Focus on the clients

Module 2: Team achievements and 8D management

Team approach to problem solving

8D process management

Module 3-4: Preparing an 8D report with a focus on the client

D1 – Team formation

D2 – Description of the problem

D3 – Interim containment action

D4 – Root cause analysis and escape point

D5 – Permanent corrective action

D6 – Implementing permanent corrective actions

D7 – Validating permanent corrective actions

D8 – Closure and team celebration

Instruments introduced: Efficient Brainstorming, 5 Whys, ishikawa Diagrams, FMEA, Affinity Diagrams

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