The concept is that in the process of searching for new ways of completing a specific activity there are no such terms as right and wrong. What matters in the end is the positive overall result for the business.

Focus of the Training

The Innovation and Creativity training has the goal of unlocking the potential of the team to optimize and develop solutions that would lead to improvements in the daily work, the clients’ satisfaction and the end results of the business.

After completing the training, the participants are able to: easily find potential innovations in the processes, structure and organization; protect their creative ideas in front of the people who have to support them; apply successful models adapted to the Bulgarian reality; assess the pluses and minuses of every innovative idea; focus their attention on improvements which add value to the business.

Topics of the Training

Module 1: Why innovations are important

Reducing expenses

Increasing clients’ satisfaction

Improving problem solving

Effective collaboration between teams and individuals

Module 2: Strategic approach to innovations

Macro analysis of the environment

Structural approach to the strategic process

Strategy implementation

Module 3: Team creativity

Sharing and discussing ideas

Focus on the common goal

Ideas that have a future and ideas that we waste our time with

Module 4: The client’s experience

The previous client’s experience

The client’s expectations today: customization, access, quick response, honesty

Empowering the client

Service Design approach

Instruments introduced: PESTEL Model, Five Forces Model, Key Success Factors, SWOT Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, Benchmarking, Competitive Profile Benchmarking

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