Stress Management aims at controlling stress within a healthy range, which would lead to mobilization and, hence, increased efficiency..

  • Causes of stress
  • Types of stress
  • Preventing the emergence of unhealthy stress
  • Improving the work climate in the company
  • Eliminating the minor causes of stress
  • Discussing the major causes of stress and the reasons for their existence
  • Team attitude towards the causes of stress
  • The relationship between stress and the turnover in the team

The essence of the present module is in gaining an insight into and understanding stress. Facing the challenge of controlling it, we focus on the three fundamental key steps.

1. Understanding the source of stress and how it affects in individual and team aspects.

2. Developing habits for its daily management in all kinds of situations – routine and exceptional.

3. The personal stress relief and preventing stress from affecting the personal performance and interpersonal relationships.

A fundamental principle in our concept is to assess the business, the structure and the relationships in advance in order to take into consideration all the business and regional specifics.

The duration of each topic is in accordance with the client’s needs. The trainings take place at a venue and time based on the nature of the business and our clients’ requirements.

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