The module is a practical work meeting during which the successful strategies for leading negotiations are explained and practiced.

  • The essence and goal of negotiations
  • Strategies in the negotiation process
  • Characteristics and skills of the effective negotiator
  • Steps in the negotiation process
  • Persuasion skills and skills to resist persuasion

Some people are good at negotiating, others are not. Which of the two we choose to be is a question with a clear answer.

The key to improving these skills lies not only in boosting self-confidence but also in acquiring listening skills, explaining one’s point of view, standing one’s ground, and asking relevant questions. A great number of research studies conducted in the field of communication and negotiations reveals namely these characteristics.

Negotiation skills can be learned. Contrary to popular belief, skilled negotiators are not born. Neither do they include only gifted speakers. They are not aggressive or annoying. They do not necessarily make their partners lose. In a sense, negotiating is a science which can be learned and not an art at which one is talented or not.

A fundamental principle in our concept is to assess the business, the structure and the relationships in advance in order to take into consideration all the business and regional specifics.

 The duration of each topic is in accordance with the client’s needs. The trainings take place at a venue and time based on the nature of the business and our clients’ requirements.

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