A specially developed program for honing and upgrading the skills needed for designing and conducting trainings.

  • Modern approaches to trainings
  • Training outside school
  • Balance between theory and practice
  • Conveying information effectively
  • Practical application of acquired knowledge
  • Structure of interactions, time management tips
  • Strategies for overcoming negative attitudes towards trainings
  • Building relationships with the trainees

The program constitutes a set of consecutive two-day modules taking place within a period of 12-16 months:

Module 1: Introduction to the project – Communication skills

Module 2: Presentation skills

Module 3: Planning, goal setting, implementing and monitoring the training cycle

Module 4: Training methods, ways to influence the audience, achieving synergy

Module 5: Workshop

Module 6: Identifying training needs

Module 7: Conflict management and negotiation

Module 8: Emotional intelligence and giving feedback

Module 9: Time management and group dynamics

Module 10: Workshop

Module 11: Leadership skills for trainers

Module 12: Final workshop – The closing session of the project

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